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Renewable Energy Bill in Parliament
The Ministry of Energy has laid before Parliament a Renewable Energy Bill that aims at supporting the development, utilization and efficient management of renewable energy sources in the country. The bill provides for the utilization, sustainability and adequate supply of renewable energy for electricity and heat generation and related matters. It is an attempt by government to provide a framework to support the development and utilization of renewable energy sources and the creation of an enabling environment to attract investment in renewable energy sources.In accordance with the standing orders of the House, Speaker Justice Joyce Bamford-Addo has referred the document to the Mines and Energy Committee of the House for consideration and report. Among the major aims of the bill is to increase the proportion of renewable energy, particularly solar, wind, mini hydro and waste-to-energy in the national energy supply mix while contributing to the mitigation of climate.
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Standards and Labelling Regulations
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New Website launched
In March 2006, the Energy Foundation has launched a new Website.
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Label for Room Air Conditioners

The Government of Ghana in its effort to conserve and improve energy efficiency is distributing six million pieces of compact fluorescent lamps to replace an equivalent number of incandescent bulbs throughout Ghana, starting with the Burma Camp. So far 68,000 pieces of Compact Fluorescent Lamps of various wattages have been deposited at the Burma Camp to initiate the replacements at the Military and Paramilitary establishments. This forms part of the Government?s measures to address the current electricity supply shortfall and its attendant power rationing.

The project seeks to replace existing 5 million pieces of incandescent bulbs of various wattages from 40W to 100W that consume a total of about 581GWH of electricity per annum with 6million pieces of Compact Fluorescent lamps of various wattages 9W -20W that will consume a total of about 151.475GWH of electricity annually.

This will save approximately124.2MW in peak demand (207MW peak demand at a load factor of 60%), 429,525MWH of electricity annually and save about 150,000tCO2 per annum.The project is being coordinated by the Energy Foundation and the Energy Commission.

Download the Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling Regulations (pdf, 120 KB) as it has been approved by parliament in February 2006.

EF appoints new Executive Director
The Executive Council of the Energy Foundation has appointed Mr. Ernest Asare as the Executive Director of the Foundation with effect from April 1, 2010, replacing Mr. Andrew Lawson who has proceeded on retirement. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Asare was the Communications and Marketing Director of the Foundation, a position he has held since the Foundation?s inception in 1998. He also brings on board seventeen (17) years of marketing management experience with IBM in the United States.His vision is to transition the Energy Foundation into a very successful energy management services company providing high quality energy management solutions to industry and the public.
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